CHARLESTON, S.C. (WSPA) – Senator Bernie Sanders announced that South Carolina will be the third and final stop on the Rally to Raise the Wage campaign in support of increasing the federal minimum wage.

The Vermont senator will hold rallies in Durham, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee before making his way to Charleston, South Carolina on June 3.

“At a time of massive and growing income and wealth inequality and record-breaking corporate profits, we must stand up for working families – many of whom are struggling every day to provide a minimal standard of living for their families,” Sanders said.

The rally will be held at the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1422 Union Hall.

Alongside Sanders will be South Carolina state representative Wendell Gilliard in partnership with SC AFL-CIO.

Sanders’ and other supporters of the Rally to Raise the Wage are rallying to increase the federal minimum wage to $17 an hour.

“There are too many Americans trying to survive and raise families on $9, $10 or $12 an hour. It cannot be done. This injustice must end. Low-income workers need a pay raise and the American people want them to get that raise,” Sanders said.