WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – They’re in the sky, perched in trees, and on top of roofs.

Birds of all types are flocking to the Grand Bees neighborhood in West Ashley. According to neighbors, they’re leaving behind a mess.

“A lot of poop, a lot of debris left over in the yard. You know, it doesn’t matter how many times they clean it. It’s like ‘where’d this napkin come from, where’d this come?’” said Jamie Weiler, a Grand Bees resident.

The Lennar housing development is located right off Bees Ferry Road, next to a large Charleston County landfill.

Katie Fox moved to the neighborhood one year ago and said the birds are dropping off lots of trash when they fly in.

Wrappers, feminine products, chicken bones, and even needles are just a few of the items neighbors have seen in their yards.

“I have tons of trash in my backyard that I often use one of those trash claws to pick up because I don’t want to catch any diseases from this,” Fox said. “And then many kids can’t go out and play. Dogs are choking on bones. They had to go to the vet to get those removed from their stomach. So, it’s been pretty bad. We’re all running out of ideas.”

Fox said she’s woken up by the sound of the crows every morning. The noise doesn’t stop until the evening.

Jamie Weiler said the birds weren’t a problem when the homes were being built. Little did he know, a few months later, he would have some unexpected neighbors.

“Since there’s no construction noise there’s no hammering or anything like that. They’re not scared so they’re just hanging out, hanging out, hanging out. So, it’s gotten worse over time,” Weiler explained.

According to Charleston County officials, the landfill has been there since the 1970s.

News 2 reached out to Lennar’s Charleston office, but we have not heard back. We also made calls with county leaders in hopes of getting some answers.