MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.(WBTW) – A Black woman in Myrtle Beach says she had an “uneasy feeling” after her HOA painted the unit numbers for designated parking spaces and hers was the only one that was black.

Viola, who did not want her last name or the property mentioned for safety purposes, said TLC HOA Consultants designated parking spaces three weeks ago and that the numbers on all of them but hers were white. She said she did not notice until Sunday that her number was the only one that had been painted black.

“I contacted the HOA immediately and sent her a video of the parking spaces, and she said it was not intentional and ‘I’m sorry you feel that way,’” Viola said. 

Viola said they are the only Black owners in the condo complex and that she did not know what it meant. She expressed her concerns to the HOA on Monday. 

“She showed no concern at all, and that was it,” Viola said. “She just brushed it off. I’m just a little fearful of what’s to come and what it represents.”

TLC HOA Consultants said maintenance most likely ran out of paint, and that could be the reason the number was painted black.

News13 asked if maintenance could have waited to paint the parking number to match the others and was directed to Cape Coddages condominiums as another property whose parking unit numbers are not uniform in color. However, the parking unit numbers there all displayed the same color. 

“It’s definitely going to leave an uneasy feeling,” Viola said. “I would like it to be like everyone else’s. It should’ve been in the first place.” 

TLC HOA Consultants has told Viola that they will paint her parking number to match the others.