SOUTH CAROLINA (WSPA) – More cases of the near-fatal virus, Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) have been confirmed in South Carolina, says State Veterinarian Michael Neault.

Previously, EIA had been infecting three horses in the Southern portion of the state; all, Neault has confirmed, have been euthanized.

The veterinarian says two more horses were also confirmed to have the virus.

All five EIA cases are linked to the same “bush track horse racing and training facility” said Neault.

Neault says the virus is typically transmitted between livestock by bloodsucking insects, like biting flies, but can be spread by equine owners as well.

Neault goes on to explain owners who share the same needles, medical, dental, or tattoo equipment between livestock could be aiding in the spread of the virus; suggesting owners use new equipment, for each animal.

There was no update provided by Neault on the future of the recently infected horses.

EIA is a reportable animal disease in all 50 states, says the veterinarian, meaning all positive cases must be reported by a testing laboratory to local, state, or federal animal health officials within two days of discovery.