SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- Many of the Upstate residents that are dealing with bursting water pipes and no water are experiencing this for the first time and are unsure of what to do.

The crack of a pipe followed by the sound of leaking water is something no one wants to hear in their home. It’s a sound Jose Martinez said happened too fast for him to realize what was going on. 

“Everything was full of water in 5 or 10 seconds,” said Jose Martinez, Greenville County.

Jose has spent the past few days making phone calls and attempting to clean the mess. Through it all, he’s had one question…who can help with repairs?

“We call maintenance, we call the property manager, we call the police, the apartment, we call the fire department, no one’s been able to help,” said Martinez. 

Shaneka Epps has found herself with the opposite problem, no water, for 3 days.

She rents her apartment and similarly has received no help.

“Frustrated…I just feel like we got no help,” said Shaneka Epps, Anderson County. “We got no help, especially with kids, it’s just been so frustrating.” 

Although Jose and Shaneka are both feeling the same way, their scenarios require different forms of help. 

In Jose’s case, whether you rent a house or an apartment, the Correll Insurance Group in Spartanburg said repairs for a water pipe that has burst should be covered by your landlord.

“Typically it would be the landlord, usually as a tenant of a property, the building, the structure, the house, the apartment is the responsibility of a landlord to fix,” said Jon Scotti, operations manager at Correll Insurance. “When it comes to the insurance side of it, renters insurance doesn’t cover that, it’s mainly designed for the occupants or the tenant’s personal belongings.” 

As for the items destroyed by water, he said that’s when his team comes in and can replace those objects. 

For Shaneka’s situation, renters insurance wouldn’t be involved at all.

“It would likely be a different scenario,” said Scotti. “Typically with insurance you need to have something happen that’s sudden or catastrophic that causes damage.” 

Yet no matter what problem in your home this cold weather has given you, it’s important to document.

“Any time there’s a claim of any kind, whether it’s a pipe burst or a fire, whatever the case is, usually you always want to document everything,” said Scotti. “Video is the best way to do it.”

Should you run into a problem as a homeowner and not a renter, instead of calling a property owner, calling a plumber is your first step.