SOUTH CAROLINA (WSPA) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating after shots were fired near a Duke Energy plant in South Carolina.

According to CBS NEWS, an individual opened fire Wednesday near a Duke Energy facility at Wateree Hydro Station in Ridgeway.

According to multiple sources, the individual pulled up in a truck outside the facility around 5:30 p.m. before opening fire, using what appeared to be a long gun, and then speeding away.

Several Duke Energy employees witnessed the event, according to CBS NEWS. No one was injured. It was not immediately clear how many people were in the truck.

Law enforcement officials said they have found no evidence linking gunshots to earlier gunfire at North Carolina electric substations that cost thousands of customers their power, though multiple state and federal agencies continue to investigate.

Kevin Wheeler, a spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Columbia, South Carolina, said that while “no stone is left unturned,” there is no information connecting the Wednesday’s incident in South Carolina to Saturday’s in North Carolina.

“We currently have no evidence leading us to believe this incident involves any type of attack on the Duke Energy Hydro Station,” Boan said in the post. “The shooting appears to be a random act and the only connection between the shooting and the hydro station is their proximity.”

Duke Energy said it found no sign of property damage, reported outages or harmed individuals.

Boan told WLTX-TV that a deputy went to the hydro station, where people reported that someone fired from the passenger side window of a vehicle that went by. The witnesses said the shooter fired toward the woods nearby, not at them or the power plant or dam, “so we can’t absolutely confirm that there was any threat to the power station,” Boan said.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Energy said it also is investigating the gunfire.