CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Floridians are fleeing to the Carolinas to escape Hurricane Ian.

The McCorkle family travels the country and lives out of their camper, so they’ve got everything they need to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Ian.

They can take their home on wheels, but not everyone is as lucky.

The decision to get out of Florida was quick for the McCorkle family.

“We live in a camper, so we just were not going to take any chances,” said Jessica McCorkle.

They’re known as the “Family of Nomads.” Still, just as the social media influencer family had started to settle in Orlando for the next several months, Hurricane Ian decided to make his mark.

“There were a lot of people at the campground wanting to wait it out till the last minute to see what track it was going to take. For us, it was if the storm’s coming, we have the possibility to leave, let’s leave,” said Dub McCorkle.

Packing up wasn’t as easy for other Floridians heading to or through the Carolinas.

“My wife was more anxious to leave than I was; I’m kinda glad we did; it’s going to be a mess down there if we stay. I hope I’m not going to have to go to anything real bad,” said Dean Miner.

Miner evacuated the Orlando area and is traveling through the Carolinas on his way to stay with family in Ohio.

Queen city news spotted many Florida license plates at the rest stop on I-77 in Chester County Tuesday.

Everyone is getting out of the Sunshine State while they still can.

“I mean, we got to take our stuff with us. We got to take our house and our other belongings, so it definitely made the process a lot easier,” said Jessica McCorkle.

The McCorkle’s plan is to stay in the Carolinas until Tuesday.

Then they’ll check in with their campground in Orlando to see how much damage was done by Hurricane Ian.