COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — This week, the South Carolina Department of Revenue began issuing one-time tax rebates to some South Carolinians.

Here are a couple of ways you can check to see if you’re eligible.

You can use the Department of Revenue’s rebate status tracker. DOR Spokesman Rob Walden said you’ll need your social security number or taxpayer identification number and a copy of your 2021 SC1040 form.

You can also calculate your rebate on your own. Walden said, “Start on Line 10 if there’s nothing on Line 10 then you are not eligible for a rebate. If there is an amount on Line 10 then we suggest moving down to Lines 21 and 22. Those are tax credits for the year. Add those two and subtract that total from Line 15. If that amount is more than $1, you are eligible for a rebate. If its 0 you are not.”

Rebates are capped at $800 so that means, if the amount you calculated is between $1-$799, you will receive the amount. Anything greater than or equal to $800, you will receive $800.​

You will receive your rebate ​in much the same way you received your refund this year:

​If you received your 2021 refund by direct deposit, the state DOR will use the same bank account to issue your rebate by direct deposit.

Paper checks will be issued if:​​

  • You notified us of a change in banking information by November 1.
  • ​You received your 2021 refund by debit card or paper check.
  • You received your 2021 refund by direct deposit to a prepaid or pay-as-you-go debit card.​
  • You had a balance due and did not receive a refund.
  • You received your 2021 refund using a tax preparer’s account.

​Married couples who filed joint 2021 Individual Income Tax returns will receive only one rebate.​

State lawmakers agreed to use about $1 billion for these rebates. This was part of a $2 billion income tax cut and rebate package.

Walden said they estimate about 1.3 million rebate checks or deposits to be issued before the end of the year. These will come in bunches so they’re not being sent out all at once.

In order to receive your rebate by Dec. 31, you must have filed your 2021 Individual Income Tax return by the Oct. 17 deadline.

Walden said anyone who is eligible and filed their state taxes after Oct 17th will receive their rebate sometime next year.