COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – Disability Rights South Carolina has launched it’s Voting is My Right’ campaign.

Macy Adams is the Voting & Public Policy Coordinator for Disability Rights South Carolina. Adams says their goal is to break down barriers and empower voters with disabilities to cast their votes and make a difference.

The statewide campaign promotes voter registration, voter education, and voter encouragement among young people with disabilities.

“People with disabilities make up a huge voting block. I think recognizing when we’re able to show up that power can make a lot of difference and it’s exciting to know you can make a difference,” Adams said.

According to the US Election Assistance Commission, more than 11% of voters with disabilities experienced some type of difficulty voting in 2020 despite early voting and expanded access to mail-in voting due to COVID-19.

Adams said the 2022 law that established early voting in South Carolina could help more voters with disabilities cast their ballots. “We found people really liked to utilize that service. You’ve got mail-in ballots, you’ve got early voting curbside and Election Day at the polls,” Adams said.

According to Adams, in the 2020 General Election, 60% of people with disabilities voted in South Carolina.

Jensen Jennings is the Individual and Systems Advocacy Specialist with Walton Options.

“Just because someone has a disability it doesn’t mean they can’t make a contribution. Voting allows them to feel like they have real say in which direction the state is going to go and which direction the country is going to go, ” Jennings said.

Jennings said they are here to advocate and educate voters. He said his hope one day is to see individuals with disabilities on the ballot regularly.

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