STANLEY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Gaston County Police say they want to get everything right and until then, it will be a little longer until we find out what took place at a home on Brentwood Lane over the weekend. 

“It’s difficult for everyone involved because the family members have questions,” said Capt. Billy Downey with the Gaston County Police Department. “The community definitely has questions, officers have questions of how things transpired that got us to that situation.” 

Police did shed a little more light on what led up to deputies being at the home to serve an involuntary mental commitment and domestic violence protection order. A day before the murder-suicide early Saturday morning, an aggravated assault report was filed which took place at the home. The report shows there was a weapon involved. 

Investigators say 48-year-old Russell Blakney was in the home with his 11-year-old twins Cyrus and Piper early Saturday morning. 

Some living in the area say Cyrus was shot; however, investigators say Cyrus died from injuries sustained at the hands of his father. But they won’t confirm a gunshot until they receive the medical examiner’s report. 

“Based on what we saw at the scene, and that’s a preliminary report, based on what we spoke with the medical examiner that evening,” added Downey. 

The home was set on fire, but reports have not come back as to where, and how Russell Blakney died. 

“I wish I had that answer,” said Downey. “That is one of the answers that we want to get and be able to answer that question.” 

Piper was rescued by emergency workers, and police know interviewing her and her mother will further the investigation 

“We still need to speak with her,” added Downey. “We need to speak with the family to help clarify a timeline and how things actually transpired to get to the point to where it was at.”