GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Some Upstate plumbers said they’re swamped with calls, as freezing temperatures over the weekend caused problems for people and businesses.

Chuck Dipple, the owner of Dipple Plumbing said if people have frozen pipes, there’s not much they can do until the pipes thaw.

Dipple said people should continue to heat their houses and open cabinet doors to let in heat. He said as temperatures rise later this week, water should eventually start to flow again. Dipple said that’s when people could discover cracks or leaks in your water pipes, but he believes most people won’t have issues.

“If people keep their houses extra warm during this kind of situation and don’t close off part of the house and keep doors open and cabinets open, most likely you will not have a problem,” said Dipple.

He also encourages people to leave the faucets closed, in case water starts to run through the pipes. He said if the water starts when people are not home, it could flood and damage their homes.

Dipple said if people discover any leaks or cracks in their water pipes, shut off the water. Then, call a plumber.