COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – The remains of more than a dozen Revolutionary War soldiers discovered at the site of the Battle of Camden will soon be reburied.

The soldiers were found in shallow graves last year. Historians and archeologists carefully excavated the remains.

“We’ve learned more about the Battle of Camden as this project has moved forward. We’ll learn more,” said Doug Bostick, CEO of the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust.

A total of 14 soldiers were found, 12 Continental soldiers, 1 British soldier and 1 Loyalist militiaman.

According to the initial findings of the remains released Thursday, five of the soldiers were believed to be teenagers when they died. The oldest was estimated to be between 40 to 50 years old.

Researchers also said the soldiers ranged in stature from five feet two inches to more than six feet tall, with many being in the range of five feet, seven inches.

Not all of the soldiers revealed evidence of traumatic injury, others were uncovered with clear evidence of battle injuries from musket balls and buck shot.

According to researchers, the Scottish Highlander was the only soldier who appeared to have been carefully laid to rest, face up with arms crossed. Others were found to be face down or overlaying each other.

Officials said the Loyalist militiaman may be of Native American ancestry, as evidenced by the shovel shape of his upper incisors. This individual will be honored in a private ceremony with the Catawba Nation and the Lumbee Tribe.

Thursday afternoon the remains of the 12 Continental Soldiers and 1 British soldier arrived in Camden. They will lie in repose at the Kershaw Cornwallis House Thursday and Friday.

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