MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – An Iowa man was removed from an airplane Tuesday at Myrtle Beach International Airport for allegedly cursing out a flight attendant.

According to incident reports obtained by News13, police were called to gate A3 in reference to a subject being removed from an American Airlines airplane.  

Officers located the subject, later identified as Nicodimus Coles, 27, and asked him what was going on. Coles told police that a situation happened between him and a flight attendant over a bag not being under the seat, and it got out of hand, according to the reports.

Police told Coles that he had to get off the plane because the captain wanted him off and the captain oversees the plane.

Coles proceeded to yell in a loud voice, “bunch of racists” and other people were around, according to the reports.  Police advised Coles to watch his mouth and he said that “he was a grown man” and to not “tell him what to say,” the reports said.

As Coles was walking off the airplane and passed the flight attendant he said, “you’re divorced right and I can see very much divorced,” according to the reports.

After Coles was off the plane, he was arrested. Police said a woman was filming the incident on her cell phone and started to yell and cause a scene. She was told that if she didn’t calm down, she would also be arrested.

Police said she was stating something along the lined of Coles fifth amendment right, according to the reports.

Coles was taken to the police office to complete paperwork and was transported to jail. He was charged with disorderly conduct.