COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is once again calling on state lawmakers to crack down on repeat violent offenders.

He called a press conference Tuesday to urge lawmakers to pass legislation that would reform the state’s bond system and enhance penalties for illegal gun possession.

“Now is the time to do it,” McMaster repeatedly said. Lawmakers are currently in a special session after being called back by McMaster.

“There’s no limit on the time that the general assembly can stay to finish their work. And I ask again as I have repeatedly in private and public get this done, let this let this be a landmark session,” Governor McMaster said.

During his press conference, the Governor was joined by Lance Cpl. B.A. Frazier with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Officials say Frazier was shot in the face after pulling the suspect over in Bamberg County.

“The gun that was used to shoot Trooper Frazier, according to the State Law Enforcement Division, it was a stolen gun,” McMaster said.

He also said the suspect was out on bond for a crime committed in Georgia.

McMaster hopes legislation would help prevent incidents like these from happening.

“There’s no good reason why these should not pass. Law enforcement have been calling for this for years,” he said.

The House is scheduled to return Wednesday afternoon. There is no date yet for when the Senate could return.

A conference committee has been assigned for the bond reform bill. Both the House and Senate passed their own version of H.3532. The illegal gun possession enhancement measure has been attached to two other bills, a fentanyl trafficking bill and constitutional carry bill.