COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – The South Carolina House of Representatives gave a near-total abortion ban bill a third reading Wednesday afternoon.

Lawmakers voted 67-35, mostly along party lines.

The legislation bans almost all abortions in the state with some limited exceptions.

Tuesday evening, after some debate and the bill with no-exceptions failing, lawmakers included exceptions for rape and incest victims up to 12 weeks into a pregnancy with reporting requirements.

H.5399 does not contain exceptions for fetal anomalies like the state’s six-week abortion ban, also known as the Fetal Heartbeat Act.

Lawmakers also changed the bill to allow child support payments starting at conception.

Before the vote Wednesday, supporters and critics of the ban spoke to the rest of the body.

Representative Adam Morgan (R-Greenville) said, “As many on both sides of the aisle have made the point, we’re going to have a lot more kids in South Carolina. We better continue to protect those lives and care for the mothers and their families and make policy decisions to make them have a more prosperous life.”

Rep. Beth Bernstein (D-Richland) said Wednesday was a sad day in South Carolina. “We are debating something here today that is not what the majority of South Carolinians want. The limited exceptions for rape and incest that were offered to the bill do not offer the protections woman so desperately need,” Rep. Bernstein said.

H.5399 is now headed to the South Carolina Senate. Senators are scheduled to return next week to take up the legislation.