COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – South Carolina’s tax-free weekend is in full swing.

From now until Sunday, August 7, certain purchases made in South Carolina are exempt from the 6% state sales tax. You might also be exempt from paying a local tax as well.

Tax-exempt items range from computers, printers, school supplies, clothing and accessories, shoes, and certain bed and bath items. Unlike other states, South Carolina does not have a dollar limit on how much of the purchase is tax-free.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has compiled a list of what’s eligible and what’s not. Spokesperson Rob Walden said, “We encourage everyone to check out those lists before you go out to shop. You may find something there you may not be expecting.”

Eligible items purchased online are also tax-free, even if the retailer is from out of state.

According to state officials, on average customers save anywhere between $2 million and $3 million during the yearly tax holiday. Walden said, “If you have any purchases you’ve been thinking about that are on those tax-exempt lists, it really is a good opportunity to buy them this weekend. You can save a good bit of money.”

State officials said they are hopeful this year’s tax holiday is a welcome relief for families in South Carolina with the increased cost of living. Last year, retailers in South Carolina reported that $24.5 million worth of sales of tax-exempt items were done during the tax holiday.

South Carolina’s state sales tax holiday has been in effect every year since 2000.

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