COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Its been one week since convicted killer Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison. We sat down with state prosecutors who helped secure that murder conviction.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson says his office took over the case in August 2021. He said his staff worked hard throughout the whole process.

“The world watched this trial for six weeks but this office was involved in this thing for a year and a half,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, attorneys general are normally not at murder trials. He said this trial was different.

“I wasn’t there to lead the case. I wasn’t there to be the Attorney General…I wanted to be there to support the team and show how important this case was to the office,” he said.

Chief attorney of the State Grand Jury Creighton Waters served as the lead prosecutor for this case. Waters gave the opening statements and closing arguments for the prosecution. He also questioned a handful of witnesses during the trial, including Murdaugh.

“It was a massive amount of work and you saw a great team effort from all our folks,” Waters said.

Waters said this trial was unique in many ways.

“The evidence in this case was different…sometimes it comes down to some of the basic ways to figure out who did it,” he said.

According to Waters, one of the turning points in the case was the kennel video.

“It’s hard to get around evidence that places Alex at the scene of the murders just minutes before they died,” Waters said.

Waters also cross-examined Murdaugh after he testified in his defense. Waters said his goal was to get Murdaugh to lie in real-time in front of jurors from the witness stand. “I thought if they could see that happen, then ultimately they’d be able to see him for who he really was.”

Waters said when jury deliberations began he wasn’t nervous due to exhaustion after six-weeks of trial.

“When we heard there was a guilty verdict and a voice for Maggie and Paul, that was a great feeling,” Waters said.

Wilson and Waters commended law enforcement on their role in this case.

“We sent a message not only to the citizens of that community and the state of South Carolina but to the world that no one is above the law. If you murder someone, steal from people, we will hold you accountable,” said Wilson.

Thursday, Murdaugh’s defense filed their notice of appeal in the double murder case.