COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Students transferring to a different college or university in South Carolina may soon be more likely to graduate on time.

This week, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) announced that more than 20 public colleges and universities across the state have agreed to develop a comprehensive statewide transfer agreement. Officials said this would improve the transfer process in South Carolina.

CHE President and Executive Director Rusty Monhollon said national statistics show that on average, transfer students accumulate about 12 more credit hours on their way to a bachelor’s degree than students who attend a single school from start to finish.

According to CHE officials, effective transfer and articulation processes can help students avoid extra or duplicative coursework and reduce the overall cost of higher education by contributing to on-time completion.

“A high level of cooperation and collaboration among institutions is critical to optimizing student transfer. This statement demonstrates South Carolina’s commitment to becoming a national leader in transfer excellence,” said Monhollon.

CHE officials said the agreement was signed by presidents and chancellors of the institutions. The language of the agreement reinforces institutional commitments to creating and sustaining a comprehensive credit transfer process, while also recognizing the need for institutions to maintain autonomy over admission standards, grading policies, and residency and graduation requirements.

Monhollon said promoting transfer excellence has become a key priority of the CHE in recent years.

You can read the agreement by clicking or tapping here.