WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – It’s Earthquake Preparedness Week in South Carolina and the State Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) unveiled new resources to keep South Carolinians safe and informed.

The website and app include interactive features like maps, notifications and trackers, as well as a guide for people with disabilities. Additionally, it has steps on how to prepare your pets.

SCEMD said right now South Carolina is seeing an increase in earthquakes.

Normally the state experiences between 10 to 20 earthquakes a year, yet this year alone there have been more than 60 to 80.

“This year more so than any other recent years has shown the need for everyone in South Carolina to be aware that we get earthquakes here every year and everyone needs to be prepared,” said Kim Stenson, South Carolina Emergency Department.

The State Emergency Operations Center is hosting the Great Southeast Shakeout Earthquake Safety Drill on Thursday, Oct. 20. at 10:20 a.m. and more than 300,000 people have already signed up to take part.

Although earthquakes cannot be predicted, SCEMD says South Carolinians should be preparing by practicing drills like the shakeout and the home hazard hunt.