CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are searching for the gunman who shot an 8-year-old girl early Monday morning while she was asleep in her north Charlotte home.

Family members say 8-year-old Olivia Velez is a fighter, and they believe she will pull through.

Olivia was not the only child inside her home overnight when police say a gunman came up and fired, not caring who was hit.

“Out here in the yard dancing, being a little girl,” said Joreatha Campbell, Olivia’s grandmother.

Olivia’s family describes her as fun-loving.

“She’s a kid; she’s a baby,” said Campbell.

The innocent little girl was shot while sleeping inside her home on Burbank Drive early Monday morning.

Other children were also at home when neighbors say a gunman fired more than a dozen rounds into the home and the cars in the yard.

“For my little babies to see something growing up like that, this world is evil and cruel, and whoever did that is evil and cruel and deserves to go straight to hell,” said Campbell.

Family members say the little girl has bullet fragments in her head, and doctors can not do surgery now because of the swelling.

The family says that Olivia could not move one side of her body when she woke up.

“It hurt my heart to hear something like that happening in the neighborhood,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified but has lived in the neighborhood, University Park, for 48 years.

Olivia’s family is praying for a miracle.

“While these sorry people did what they did, they’re not bigger than God. He has the last say,” said Campbell.

She is hoping the police can find the people responsible.

“She didn’t deserve this, so you reap what you sow, and I hope whoever did this is watching me, and you have your day,” said Campbell.

CMPD says there is no evidence to suggest that the shooting was random.

CMPD sent Queen City News two other incident reports, which say there were two other times someone shot into the home, once in March and once in February.