RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Thousands of people are heading into Raleigh this weekend to dress up as different characters from movies, games, and shows as well as also learning about cosplaying. It’s part of GalaxyCon, a four-day event that ends on Sunday.

There were tons of colorful hair, creative costumes and handmade props as people flooded the Raleigh Convention Center. For these fans, it’s nothing new.

“I’ve been cosplaying, I’ve been coming to conventions for probably the last five or six years,” Hunter McCoy, one fan, said.

“I’ve been doing it for about seven years,” Isaiah Stevens, another attendee, said.

Vendors set up shops where cosplayers could buy costumes, wigs, props and more. Panel speakers talked about comic books, anime and other forms of media. The best part for many attendees, though, was meeting people like them.

“You get to have conversations, even get advice about how to do better cosplays, especially if you are new and trying to get better at it over time,” Stevens said.

While it may seem odd to those who are uninterested, cosplayers say conventions like this one gives them a chance to explore their own creativity.

“Nerdiness is not over-outward,” McCoy said. “But conventions are where we all come together, dress up, and enjoy what we love.”

If you’re thinking cosplaying is not for you, these cosplayers say give it a chance and you may be surprised.

“I’ve seen some people come to these events and realize how fun it is,” one attendee said. “Especially when they realize it’s not just children doing this, it’s 50-year-old folks, and it kind of inspires them to give it a try themselves and express themselves the best way they can.”

GalaxyCon runs through Sunday. City officials say they were thrilled to have the event back, which will bring economic impact to Raleigh.