UPSTATE, SC (WSPA)- “Service Dogs for Veterans” is a program in the Upstate that pairs rescue dogs with veterans and puts them through an eight-month training to become a licensed service dog.

Instead of most programs that give an already licensed service dog to a veteran, the vet bonds with their dog as they both complete the training together.

7news spoke with two veterans that went through the program.

James Ault and Travis Cobb are both Army Veterans who struggle with PTSD after their time in the military, they both said their companions saved their lives.

Ault said he tried taking his own life before he adopted his dog Elsa and eventually took part in the Service Dogs for Veterans program.

Ault said he wanted to give back and is now a trainer in the service dog program and even trained Cobb his service dog Kam.

Cobb said he was in a bad place before going through the program with Kam.

He said, “we’re two broken souls and together we make one perfect soul.”

Ault tells us the program helps with veterans who struggle with PTSD, anxiety or depression and in some cases, the dogs help the veterans get off some of their medications.

“These dogs are their medication,” said Ault.

Since the program started in 2014, over 100 veterans and dogs have gone through the training.

Currently, there are over 20 enrolled in the program.

More information about the Service Dogs for Veterans program here.