SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)-The past year has been filled with lessons, from how to stay healthy to being more kind. We asked people in the Upstate one simple question, what did you learn this year?

“To cherish your friends, be kind to others, keep your mask on, wash your hands and stay safe,” said Kiki Comppon.

“That people can be kind to each other, there’s people out there willing to help and I’ve seen things improve,” said Amy Honeycut.

“We learned that God had a perfect plan for us and a perfect love story, if we would just be patient,” said Abbie Kline.

“My mental health is so important,” said Faith Burke.

“That family is everything,” said Denise Chapman.

“I learned that it was time to get in the gym, stay consistent,” said Aidan Kuhns.

“To just be thankful that you’re able to move and to be grateful that you have the opportunities that you do,” said Lou Camby.

“I learned that it’s always important to put your mental health first over anything,” said Angela Tripp.

“How to adjust to new things, we got engaged this year, we moved into a new apartment and so we’re having to pay rent now, so we’ve learned a lot of new responsibilities,” said Aidan Dingler.

“Working to earn the extra money maybe isn’t as important as you think it is, that spending the extra time with your family should really come first, said Kara Ohnheisur.