Greenville, SC (WSPA) – That stimulus bill also includes a one-time cash payment for most working Americans.

The bipartisan package is unprecedented and expected to be signed into law by the president, as soon as it hits his desk.

“If someone does get that check, it’s being given out because they nay need it to get through a rough time.

Probably put it to the side and be prudent with it to get them through the next 3 to 6 months.” Ballentine Capital Advisors, Bryan Ballentine said.

For Alexzandria Wahrer who worked in the restaurant business, the money can’r come soon enough.

“My last day that I worked was a week and a half ago.” Job seeker, Alexandria Wahrer said.

The emergency relief will give thousands of dollars to workers and families, also expanding and increasing unemployment insurance.

Peter and Cyndy Oligny are appreciative of the stimulus, but say the volatility of the stock market has them retirees concerned.

“It won’t make up for what we’ve lost, no where near what we’ve lost in the stock market.” Retirees, Peter and Cyndy Oligny said.

The bipartisian package also includes money for loans for big companies, plus billions of dollars for small businesses. Like most, Alexzandria just wants to pay her bills.

“We’re in a very unique situation, where they want us to stay home, but we kinda have to put ourselves out there to make our income.” Wahrer said.

Financial advisor Bryan Ballentine says people need to realize this money isn’t free.

“The thing they have to be careful is they may owe taxes on it later on, so you want to be careful with that and if your adjusted gross income changes will you still qualify at the end of the year will you have to pay some of it back potentially.” Ballentine said.