SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The Spartanburg Police Department said a string of car break-ins happened Thursday night into Friday morning and they believe one group is responsible.

“Lock up your cars and check your surroundings,” said Adriana Martinez.

Adriana Martinez said she woke up Friday morning to find her car was broken into.

“I came out at about 7:30 this morning, there was about 10 people standing outside, all their cars had been broken into, as well,” she said. “They did take the cash out of my middle console, but they left everything else inside the vehicle.”

Police said she’s one of many victims. Investigators said 6 cars were broken into at the Lively Apartments and 2 at Bon Haven.

“We believe that there were three people involved and the three people appear to be male juveniles,” said Major Art Littlejohn.

Major Art Littlejohn said people are locking their doors and taking their valuables inside.

“What we did notice is in each case the passenger side window was broken and immediately we believe they were going straight, directly to the glove box,” he said.

He said the thieves were looking for handguns.

“In these cases, no weapons were taken, they were searched for. Like I said, the passenger side windows were broken out and all of them, the glove boxes were left open,” said Littlejohn.

According to police, these break-ins could be connected to the ones that happened at Drayton Mills earlier in the week.

In those cases, the sheriff’s office said majority had windows smashed, with the rear passenger side busted out.

“It happened within a couple of days, it’s in the same area of town. So, therefore, we believe all three are connected. Even though, one is just right outside the city, but really only just across the street,” said Littlejohn.

Littlejohn said the sheriff’s office is looking to identify the group they believe is responsible.

In the meantime, he said people should park in well-lit areas.

“Continue to lock your doors, continue to not leave your valuables inside, especially not handguns and then, be aware,” he said.

Littlejohn said s someone noticed something suspicious, called 911, and played a key role in spooking off the thieves. He encourages anyone who sees something off to do the same.

Drayton Mill Apartment officials said they are doing all they can on their end and have surveillance cameras.