PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – An 18-year-old is facing misdemeanor charges after the Pasco County sheriff says he and his friend terrorized a little girl.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said video shows Drew Bretnall and another teenager chasing the 9-year-old child as she walked home from school.

He said Bretnall recorded the incident on his phone. Bretnall told deputies he and his friend were recreating a Japanese anime character as the one teen charged after her.

“They scared this little girl to death. She thought there was clear and imminent danger to herself. They scared her to death,” said the sheriff in a press conference Thursday.

He’s pursuing misdemeanor assault charges against Bretnall, while working alongside the State Attorney’s Office.

In phone conversations with Bretnall and his family, they said that they believe this whole incident is “ridiculous” and that they have hired an attorney.

While the two teens told deputies it was a joke, the sheriff says this is no laughing matter.

“We got 18-year-olds that are leaving to go off to college, 18-year-olds starting their careers, 18-year-olds sacrificing their lives, going overseas to defend our liberty and what America stands for. Then you got this moron standing out there creating a Japanese anime whatever its called,” said the sheriff.