SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – All members of the armed forces deserve to be recognized and honored when they leave the service, but it wasn’t always that way, at least, not on paper.

Now, that’s been corrected thanks to one veteran who caught the mistake.

Robert Charles Jeter served in the United States Army Reserves and the National Guard.

He was “94- Bravo,” also known as a food service specialist.

“We got up early in the morning preparing breakfast, then we do a lunch,” Jeter said.

He added he loved it and when he left the reserves in 1988, he said missed it.

So, he joined the National Guard.

However, that’s not where Jeter’s story ends.

“I was looking at the news one evening and Nikki Haley, our Governor at the time had passed a bill that if you take your DD-214 honorable discharge [papers] to the D.M.V., you could get ‘veteran’ put on your cdl and on your driver’s license,” Jeter explained to 7NEWS.

He said he was so excited about the opportunity to put his veteran status on his license.

“This is a great opportunity for me to get you know, a lot of perks,” Jeter added. “Lowe’s, Home Depot, a lot of places. Food, Bojangles, everyone gives you 10% discount. I mean several places. How if you show your military I.D., not only on Veterans Day, all throughout the year.”

So Jeter headed out to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

However, he didn’t bring his Army Reserves honorable discharge papers that had a DD-214 on them.

Jeter accidentally grabbed his National Guard discharge papers.

“And when I got there it was just starting,” Jeter said. “And when they looked at it, they say ‘hey, it don’t say DD-214.’ I said, well, it’s an honorable discharge. See? It’s got everything on there.”

That’s when Jeter realized veterans in the National Guard weren’t receiving discharge papers that would entitle them to benefits all veterans receive after the service.

“But as I was in there,” he said. “I knew a lot of guys wouldn’t be fortunate like me to be in two branches. And I said they will get turned away if they come down here because it doesn’t say DD-214 on it.”

So Jeter turned to lawmakers to correct the issue.

“The National Guard, they deal with floods, riots, disasters, you know, like snow and anything,” Jeter said. “You know, the Governor can deploy the National Guard at any time.”

He argued anyone who puts on the uniform deserves to be acknowledged.

As does their service.

In 2019 it finally happened, thanks to Jeter and his work with lawmakers.

Robert Charles Jeter, Thank You for Your Service.

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