GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – After leaving the service, it can be hard for veterans to feel normal at home, at work, or in any surrounding.

But for Jared Smearman, that came with the help of a four-legged friend named Clem.

He’s a Border Collie and Smearman’s service dog. Or, as he calls him, his best friend.

Smearman served in the Navy for eight years with two deployments.

As an intel officer he got to travel the world before getting his Masters Degree in space system operations at the Naval Post Graduate School.

After the Navy, Smearman said it was time to settle down with his wife and grow a family.

But that the hardest thing about coming back home was getting out of the routine.

“I think the best way to describe it is Groundhog Day. Because you wake up and the day is the same,” Smearman explained. “You might have different challenges, but you know it’s a routine.”

And transitioning back into a day to day lifestyle.

“I really did struggle when I got out of the military,” he added. “You know, it was kind of an identity crisis, you know, joining the workforce in a corporate world.”

Looking for motivation, Smearman explored his interests and took a chance on opening a franchise that would bring him excitement.

That’s how Dog Training Elite was born in the Upstate.

“We bought the whole Upstate. So we own the territory all the way out past Spartanburg to Clemson, almost up to the North Carolina border and then down below Williamston, Pelzer.”

Dog Training Elite provides home dog training or day camp training at their facility for service dog training, therapy dog training, and advanced obedience training.

All breeds, all sizes, all ages. For any dog owner, but also for veterans.

“Going into people’s homes on a daily basis and giving them their lives back. We’ve got clients that haven’t had guests over since before COVID. Their dogs have become reactive,” said Smearman.

He said it’s his military training that has prepared him for this role.

With the goal to help other veterans like himself find the support they need in a furry companion.

“When I started doing this, there’s been days where i’m just in tears, but they’re not sad tears, they’re happy tears, because it’s like, this is meaningful,” Smearman told 7 News. “This is something that, you know, I can go to bed at night, knowing that I’ve taken my skill set, and I’ve given that knowledge to clients, and those clients now have a better life for that.”

Smearman suggests if you’re a veteran and struggling, to seek help.

Because he’s glad he did.

And now he can help veterans across the Upstate get the help the they need.

Jared Smearman, thank you for your service.

If you know of a veteran in need of help, click here for resources.

If you are a veteran wanting to share your story, click here.