GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Upstate Warrior Solutions is a non-profit organization that connects veterans to resources.

“Building and fostering relationships with resources in the community that most people might not know about, that’s what we do,” explained Scott Hicks.

He got involved about two years ago.

Hicks is a veteran who served in the United States Army for ten years.

He said he was looking to help other veterans.

“Veterans want to hear from veterans, because sitting across the table from you know, a very well-licensed, shrink, that’s fine,” Hicks told 7NEWS. “But ultimately, they’ve read about it in a book or just went to some training about it. They haven’t actually been in combat and seen what those guys deal with.”

Needs for getting in touch with Upstate Warrior Solution can range from getting in touch with the VA to a car breakdown, and everything in between.

“We have an employment team, we have a family services team, we’re very involved in the community,” Hicks said. “And we try to provide services for all Veterans that walk through the door, as opposed to the VA and other organizations that might have stipulations on your discharge, we look at every Veteran no matter what.”

Hicks said Upstate Warrior Solutions has helped him fight his own challenges, by giving back.

“I was depressed, I had severe PTSD. Nobody understood. I was kind of circling the drain… I really have good family support back home. So that kind of helped me get on my feet,” he added. “But actually getting out there and helping Veterans, that’s helped me heal in so many different ways. It’s really hard to put that into words.”

That’s what got Serge McAvoy involved.

“I have what I call a servant’s heart. So I’m very involved in my church,” McAvoy said. “I’m very involved in the community and stuff. And so to be able to help people, especially elderly Veterans and stuff that sometimes are forgotten about, that connection I make with them helping them through that process. It makes me feel great to be able to help those people.”

McAvoy is also an Army Veteran who served five combat deployments.

“I did not know what type of resources were in the Upstate, much less in Greenville County for Veterans and their family members, until I started here with UWS,” McAvoy told 7 News. “And so that’s been a huge beneficial benefit for me, because I have a lot of Veteran friends. A good portion of them do live in the Upstate and so I’ve been able to share that knowledge with them, and help them get assistance.”

McAvoy added he’s so grateful to be a part of a team that takes care of the men and women who fought for our country.

Scott Hicks and Serge McAvoy, Thank You For Your Service.

If you know of a veteran in need of help, click here for resources.

If you are a veteran wanting to share your story, click here.

To learn more about Upstate Warrior Solution, click here.