SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Campobello landowners are still fighting to keep a proposed RV park out of their back yards.

It’s a fight that’s been going on for a few months- yard signs with messages against the development are up all over the neighborhood and residents are speaking out.

For Janice Cyrill, the sale of the home she designed was to help sustain her during the next phase of life.

“Their agent, on a Sunday, I remember, said they are backing out of the contract because of the proposed RV Park,” Landowner Janice Cyrill said.

Judie Klapholz’s property backs up to the proposed RV park. 38-acres of land off of Landrum Mill Rd, near Highway 26, is where ‘T Tree Farms’ wants to put a new RV Park with 50 parking spaces for portable trailers.

“An RV Park here, besides it being incompatible and not harmonious with what the mission statements for Spartanburg County and the land management ordinance. It also affects the entire lifestyle of people, cause there is going to be an influx of these very large RV’s,” property owner Judie Klapholz said.

A few days ago, landowners filed legal papers to appeal the project, asking Spartanburg planning commission to reconsider and deny the project.

“We are really not backing down, we believe there are procedural and flawed defects in the way the application process for the developer went through, with planning commission and with county council,” Klapholz said.

We reached out to the planning commission office and have not heard back from them.

Surrounding properties have covenant restrictions and conservation easements; the proposed site is not subject to any regulations.

Janice Cyrill built her home and filled it with personal touches, from the stable to the private deck. She hopes to eventually sell her home and the 12 acres it sits on. 

“I was trying to figure out what the allure for that particular piece of property is, that’s why it took me so long to find the property that I wanted that wouldn’t have something unsightly next to it. I thought I was safe here,” Cyrill said.

Concerned residents are on the agenda for the planning commissions August 3 meeting, to lay out their case. Sanitation and traffic concerns have yet to be addressed.