SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – South Carolina’s race for U.S. Senate suddenly features a new face. A little-known third party candidate is now being featured in a statewide ad campaign, after he dropped out of the race.

A start to an average day for Dr. Bill Bledsoe. He’s a veterinarian in Spartanburg but right now, you will find his name in more places than just the exterior of his practice. It’s also on the ballot and TV.

We’re talking about ads paid for by Democratic Candidate, Jaime Harrison.

The ads call Bledsoe, ‘too conservative.’ Some of those ads also link to a page funded by the South Carolina Democratic Party with a message saying, ‘we all know Lindsey Graham’s changed, but beware of Bill Bledsoe.’ But while Bledsoe’s name will appear on your ballot, he withdrew his candidacy a couple weeks ago. He’s not running.

“He’s trying to keep his democrats from peeling off and voting for me while at the same time, encourage Senator Graham’s voters to peel off and vote for me,” said Spartanburg Veterinarian who dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate, Dr. Bill Bledsoe. He was running as the Constitution Party candidate.

Because those candidate names appear in alphabetical order, Bledsoe’s will actually be at the top of your ballot.

“Their intentions are obvious to get an unknown democrat elected, and replace and get Senator Lindsey Graham out so there will be no more federal judges,” Bledsoe told 7 News.

We asked Jaime Harrison’s campaign why they’re running these ads. They told 7 News, Harrison has two opponents on the ballot and they’re making sure voters know the facts about each. As for Senator Graham, he said he appreciates Dr. Bledsoe’s support.

Dr. Bledsoe told us despite the fact his name is on the ballot, he doesn’t want your vote and is more focused on other matters at hand.

You can find additional statements from the campaigns of Harrison and Sen. Graham below.

Jaime Harrison:

“Jaime has two opponents on the ballot and we are making sure voters know the facts about each, and about Jaime, before they vote,” Jaime Harrison’s spokesman said.

Senator Lindsey Graham:

“I appreciate Dr. Bledsoe’s support.  We agree on numerous issues like increasing the number of conservative judges on the bench, reducing the national debt, upholding the sanctity of life, and having a strong military,” said Senator Lindsey Graham.