SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg residents and city officials discussed 3 potential plans for the redesign of Spartanburg’s Morgan Square on Tuesday night. 

“Morgan Square is really awesome honestly because of the amount of people that come to it,” said Braxton Lindsey, Spartanburg resident. “There is diversity and culture.”

It’s been close to a year since the city council created a team of members from restaurant, real estate, business and development industries. Since then hundreds of sketches have been exchanged, and residents’ ideas heard…leading the team to three final designs.

“What’s happening in Morgan Square is a testament to our town and city to not only adapt but to thrive,” said Santiago Mariani, Spartanburg Planning Commission.

The first design is called ‘knitting into the urban fabric.’

It would aim to merge the historical forms of morgan square into a new design to better showcase the squares authenticity.

The second option is called ‘celebrating the landscape.’

This design would focus on the geographic location of Spartanburg and how the square represents the heart of thriving businesses and social life.

The last design is called ‘Hub City: coming together.’

It can be geared towards pedestrian safety and allow for more comfortable movement for daily activity and enjoyment as the population grows.

“I also like the idea of looking at Morgan Square as a living room,” said Mariani. “Living rooms are very intimate areas where people gather and form relationships but we shift things around every few years to keep it fresh.”

Now the community is weighing in on these designs. Residents say Morgan Square will remain one of Spartanburg’s biggest bragging rights whether one of the three designs is chosen or if a new one is created.

“It came about because of COVID so if we can turn a worldwide pandemic into an opportunity, there’s really no stopping us,” said Mariani.