ANDERSON, SC (WSPA)–Depictions of the late actor and Anderson county native, Chadwick Boseman, could soon be on permanent display in City.

Boseman died last week from colon cancer.

Mayor Terence Roberts said the City has established a Public Arts Endowment to pay tribute to Boseman. This could be a statue, more murals, or a variety of different things, and Mayor Roberts said either way, it will be massive.

“We want to do something to honor the life of Chadwick Boseman and something big,”Mayor Roberts said.

“It could be a combination of a couple of things. Whether that’s a statue, fountains, a bigger building, something to really commemorate his life,” Mayor Roberts said.

“He played a lot of roles. I could even go down and do a statue of every role.”

Mayor Roberts said whatever it is, it will not only be for Anderson, but the entire world.

“And what we hope to do is just to garnish the finances to put something like this off,” Mayor Roberts said.

The Mayor, city council, and others are currently brainstorming what this will look like. The City is already making progress on how to pay tribute to the man who portrayed iconic roles like the ‘Black Panther’, Jackie Robinson, and Thurgood Marshall.

“He was a part of us. He grew up here. He touched a lot of people in our community, and he touched a lot of people throughout the world,” Mayor Roberts said.

The City said Anderson has rich history in the art world, recieving many awards, including those on the national level. Now they believe this new project can be done, and with your help.

“And that support can always come in a lot of different ways. It’s almost like your time, your treasure, and your talent,” Mayor Roberts said.

It will all be for a man many call their forever hometown hero.

“When you look at the outpouring of love and remarks from people from every walk of life, so it’s important that we Andersonians make sure that we honor him in the correct way,” Mayor Roberts said.

Mayor Roberts said the planning process alone could take six months, and the construction of the project could take longer. The City said regardless, it will get done.

The City also said they are finding a place to temporarily display art work featured at Boseman’s memorial on Thursday night.