SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – If you haven’t done any comparison shopping for your TV and internet service lately, you could be paying way more than you need to.

In this 7NEWS Consumer Exclusive, we looked into some key ways to cut your cost.

George Wood, in Ninety-Six, was born to tinker, so when he was looking to save on his TV bill, putting up an HD antenna was a no brainer.

“I got plans on the internet for what’s called a DB-8, [and] figured out where I was in relation to the TV antennas,” Wood explained.

He said with the antenna alone, he gets around three dozen channels.

“Big savings on that because I’m not having to buy the specialty packages on things,” Wood said.

If you’re interested in installing one of those UHF antennas, the Federal Communications Commission’s website can help. And to learn how to get the most channels click here.

Wood dropped DISH, and now pays for basic VYVE internet for about $60 a month.

Nowadays, there are so many new TV and internet providers, you’re missing out if you don’t shop around.

Just plug in your zip to sites like, to see the options in your area, plus how much they charge.

It’s not only Spectrum and AT&T, but also new satellite internet options like Earthlink, Viasat, and Ultra.

The trick is to only pay for the speed that you really need. If you live alone, 30 megabites per second may cover it. But if you share your home with others who like to be on their screens at the same time, you’ll need more, perhaps a lot more.

The general rule: most families need between 100 to 300 mega bites per second for regular video calls, 4K streaming and online gaming.

And new to the Upstate is Verizon’s 5G Home Internet which offers that 300 speed, plus no data caps, equiptment charges or cancellation fees all for less than most other providers.

“Right the price is the price guaranteed. So $50 if you’re not a Verizon customer and then $25 if you are a Verizon customer,” Andrew Testa, with Verizon, said.

Testa said that is not a promotional price. You can lock in that rate for two years without a contract. But we should note, that $25 rate is for 5G mobile customers. Also, not everyone can get the service, especially if you live by an airport because of concerns over signal interference with some planes. said knowing competing rates can help you negotiate a cheaper bill with your current provider. And they added, watch out for the biggest money mistake most TV watchers are making right now.

“Definitely the biggest problem people end up making right now is evergreen subscriptions. These subscription services, they’re kind of counting on right now you forgetting that you’re actually paying for them,” Frannie Comstock, with, said.

Another tip: some mobile carriers offer subscriptions to streaming services with your phone’s plan, so be sure to check so you don’t pay for what you already have.

Also, don’t forget to comparison shop live streaming providers. It’s not just Hulu Live and Youtube TV anymore, but also Philo, Sling and FuboTV.

Still Wood insists for live TV, you can’t beat the HD Antenna. And he sticks with just one streaming service at a time so he doesn’t pay for what he doesn’t use.

“I spend too much time watching TV as it is, except for Channel 7,” he said with a chuckle.

One more thing to look into: You may be able to get discounts on your TV or internet service if you are a veteran, senior, student or qualify for income based assistance. Just call and ask.