GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — The trial for Ray Kelly, who is accused of causing Greenville County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Conley Jumper’s death, continued for a third day on Wednesday. The third day of trial consisted of more state witness testimony and cross-examination by Kelly’s defense.

The first expert witness of the day was a sergeant from the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Testimony centered around reconstruction of the October 2020 crashes on Interstate 85 that ultimately caused Jumper’s death.

The state next called to the stand a series of investigators and DNA analysts who handled evidence taken from Kelly’s rental car after the accident.

The defense found a discrepancy: According to documents, the search of Kelly’s car was completed eight minutes before the search warrant granting investigators access to the car was signed. The judge still allowed the evidence into the courtroom, however.

Investigators discussed a range of evidence, including drugs, drug paraphernalia and a Glock handgun that were located in Kelly’s car.

DNA analysts traced clothing and prints on the gun to Kelly. Meanwhile, the defense argued that the blood used in testing could not be confirmed to have come from Kelly.

The trial is set to resume on Thursday at 9:30 a.m.