SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Fall is here, and everyone loves a good corn maze. We headed to Greyrock Farms & Green Acres Produce, located in Moore, to learn the step-by-step process for making a corn maze.

The owner, James Anderson, said maze preparation and design begins in the winter. We asked how the weather impacted the design and overall growth of the maze.

How Weather Impacts Corn Mazes

Anderson explained how this year was a great growing season for the farm.

“Excellent growing season. Plenty of rain,” he said. “We didn’t irrigate it. We have the capability. We didn’t, and it looks great.”

When the season is hot and dry, the corn will not grow very tall, Anderson explained.

“We were above average for rain this year,” 7Weather Meteorologist Jackie Brown said.

Designing the Maze

“We have a handheld GPS,” Anderson said. “I have a friend of mine that lays it out for us. We walk and flag it out.”

He said they make sure to plant the corn close together so people in the maze cannot see or walk through it.

“We take a lawn mower [and a] weed eater and cut it when it’s short,” he explained. He said they cut the maze when it is around 8 – 10 inches tall.

“The design we have is a puzzle, and we don’t have a picture or anything,” Anderson said. “We don’t do any dead ends. It all roundabouts…see we figured that would be more fun than having dead ends.”

Once it is fully grown, the maze can be fun for the whole family. At Greyrock Farms & Green Acres Produce, you can enjoy 5 acres and 2 miles of trail with a unique design.

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More About the Farm

Greyrock Farms & Green Acres Produce offers several activities, including a Strawberries & Cream tour, a Pumpkins & Dairy tour, hayrides, a mini corn maze, a playground and even a station where you can learn how to milk a cow. The farm also has a two-headed calf.

For hours, events and more, click here to visit its Facebook page.