ENOREE, SC (WSPA) — Fall is here, and who doesn’t love a good pumpkin pie, or heading to the pumpkin patch with the family? But what type of work does it take to grow the perfect pumpkin, and what role does weather play?

7 Weather Meteorologist Jackie Brown, headed to Stewart Farms, where she met with one of the co-owners, Angie, to find out.

Angie gave us a break down on the farm, what type of growing season they had this year, and what other activities they have on the farm.

Stewart Farms is a family owned farm that’s been around for 27 years. This is the 26th year for the pumpkin patch and 20th year for the corn maze! To get ready for the season, they plant the pumpkins as early as July 4th.

2020 was a great year for them, and a big reason for this was because of the weather! Angie told us the pumpkins grew like they haven’t seen in the last four of five years. And a big reason for this, was because of the weather.


In 2019, we had 69 days that hit 90 degrees or higher. This summer we only had 55! That’s a two week difference of hot temps.

Other factors that impacted the growth included that we had no days that hit 100 degrees, and we didn’t have the heat waves like we normally have.

And we averaged over 1 degree cooler for September.

Those little differences made a huge difference with the growing season!

On top of having a great variety of pumpkin sizes and colors, they have a great farm with many activities.

If you are looking for family fall fun, make sure to check out their fall decor, vegetables, wagon ride and corn maze!

To learn more about Stewart Farms in Enoree, South Carolina, to head their website Stewartfarms.net.