SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- As we reported before, a class action lawsuit has been filed against an assisted living facility in Spartanburg for failing to fulfill maintenance requirements.

Karen Ward says both of her parents live at Pacifica Assisted Living on Skylyn Rd., and right now, with no air conditioning.

“When we got back into the apartment it was 97 degrees in there,” Ward said.

She says the AC has been broken in their building since the beginning of July.

In the summer months, Ward says her parents have told her they’ve been close to passing out because it’s so hot inside without AC.

“My concern was more about the people who didn’t have somewhere to go, who didn’t have family members that would come and pick them up and bring them to their house,” Ward said.

That’s when they started to involve attorney Patrick Knie, and it’s now turned into a class action lawsuit on behalf of the residents.

“If you’ve been in 95 degree heat as a healthy younger person, you have to be healthy. Imagine living in it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s clear that it’s a very dangerous condition to be living in for people with compromised health situations,” Knie said.

Knie adding this case is not just a health issue but against federal law.

“The code of federal regulations requires assisted living homes, all long care facilities to maintain temperatures not above 81 degrees,” Knie said.

Ward saying the whole situation has been managed terribly.

“The fact that there was such incompetence with their handling of the situation. It just didn’t seem to be of any importance,” Ward said.

Pacifica on Skylyn sent a statement explaining they provided a temporary solution until the AC unit could be fixed.

Adding, “While it is not a policy of Pacifica to speak out amid lawsuit discuss ongoing litigation, we do look forward to proving the allegations made by the suit are factually incorrect and do not reflect what has actually occurred.”

Knie says the air conditioning isn’t the only problem, residents are telling him the food here is unpalatable and unhealthy.