GREENVILLE (WSPA) – Richard Mullinax was a firefighter for the City of Greenville for more than 35 years. He was assistant fire chief when he retired in late 2018. But he wasn’t done.

Mullinax immediately became the special operations coordinator for the Greenville County Emergency Response Team.

The ERT is made up of some 300 first responders, representing dozens of agencies – both law enforcement and fire departments – from all over Greenville County.

“The relationships are very important for our personnel for fire, police, and EMS to come together and form these specialized teams for requests,” Mullinax said.

Mullinax needs to coordinate efforts to help in all kinds of emergencies. That could be missing person searches, lost hikers, hazardous material spills, or swift water rescues as well as emergencies that can be caused by severe weather.

“We respond to requests from either in county or out of county. When departments need a specialized or specialized equipment, ERT is available for response,” he explained.