GREENVILLE (WSPA) – South Carolina Task Force 6 is part of the emergency response system in the state. It’s based in Greenville, but it includes first responders from across South Carolina.

“We respond to search and rescue missions all over the Upstate,” Task Force 6 leader Chief Tim Hall said. “We assist fire departments and local agencies with collapsed structures, collapsed trenches and confined spaces.”

Task Force 6 has members from the Greenville City Fire Department, Greenville County EMS plus the Berea and Parker Fire Departments. Other members of the team come from agencies in Pickens and Spartanburg counties.

“We do a lot of search and rescue missions for a lot of injured hikers,” Hall explained. “As we get towards the fall, our most common mission is related to hurricane deployment.”

The task force can spend three to seven days during a deployment to the coast following a hurricane or tropical storm. That can cost a lot of money. Much of the cost goes back to the agencies where team members are on staff. The rest of the money comes from grants.

“Our funds are administered through the Department of Homeland Security and in this state, SLED is the agency that oversees it. So, all of our funding comes through grant funding,” he explained.