ANDERSON, SC (WSPA)–Mama Penn’s Restaurant had its American and South Carolina State flags disappear this week.

The owner of the ‘real southern cooking restaurant’ said Sunday morning, they discovered both flags were missing.

“We came in Sunday morning to do our food ordering and we noticed both of our flags were missing from the flagpole,” said Sunny Davis, Owner of Mama Penn’s.

Davis said both flags were still on the pole when a manager left Saturday night.

“We were shocked. Immediately just could not even believe it. That’s just not something you would ever think someone would steal,” Davis said.

The business has been sizzling for 50 years, and at the current Anderson location for 16 years, according to Davis. She said they’ve been victimized and vandalized in the past, but nothing like this.

“We’ve had stuff stolen, but never the flags,” Davis said.

The incident has been blowing up on social media for days, which caught the attention of Congressman Jeff Duncan. Duncan decided to step in to donate an American flag.

“Earlier in the week, my office read on Facebook about the American flag at Mama Penn’s being stolen, and so we reached out and told them we wanted to help them replace that,” said U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan of the Third District of S.C.

Davis said the gift was a “God Send”.

“We really appreciate Congressman Duncan and his office for stepping in and helping us in our time of need,” Davis said. “We were just overwhelmed. He has been very supportive of our business over the years. Very supportive of our community. Great guy,” Davis said.

“We wanted to do something for Mama Penn’s, and show that it’s wrong to steal a flag of any kind. And when it’s the American flag it hits a little closer to home,” Duncan said.

“We placed the flags there a couple of years ago in honor of our military and first responders and we take pride in that flagpole,” Davis said.

Davis said they want the person or persons who did this to come forward.

“We do not appreciate people stealing from us. Whether it’s a flag, a plant, food, you know. We would rather not be stolen from,” Davis said.

“Stealing is stealing, and vandalism is vandalism, and this is a form of both and it’s wrong. We don’t want to see that. Regardless of what kind of flag it is, South Carolina, it could be the Christian flag, it could be the American flag, it’s wrong and I wish folks wouldn’t do that, but respect the property of other people,” Duncan added.

Duncan said his office provides flags for those in the community. To learn more, contact their office at, (864) 224-7401.

Mama Penn’s is offering a reward to anyone who has information about the theft. Click here to contact the restaurant.