MACON COUNTY, G.A. (WSPA) – A Georgia man was sentenced to 45 years after pleading guilty to child molestation charges on Monday.

According to Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney Anita Howard, Donald Williams, 33, approached a 14-year-old girl outside of her school, presented himself to the child as a pastor and offered her a ride home.

Instead of taking her home, Williams drove to a dead-end, made her perform oral sex and raped her, according to Howard.

Williams then drove to a balloon release to preach and offer a prayer for a family while the child remained in his vehicle.

After several hours, he dropped her off at her home.

The child was able to give law enforcement multiple details of the events and locations where she was taken.

She also gave descriptive information about Williams including his business card with his picture.

Williams was a prior sex offender out of Houston County. He is registered as a sex offender but was no longer on probation.

“Individuals who hold themselves out as being in a position of trust with children and then betray that trust, must and will be held accountable for their actions toward those most vulnerable in our communities,” said Howard.

Williams was sentenced to 45 years to serve the first 20 years in the Department of Corrections.