FORT MILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – “Abortion is legal in North Carolina.”

That message catches drivers’ attention along I-77 in Fort Mill, just about two miles outside of the border.

The group behind the billboard is the Charlotte-based reproductive rights coalition. The group works to serve and protect people who need reproductive health-related services.

“The fact that the billboard only says abortion is legal in North Carolina, it should raise questions in people’s minds like: ‘well, why wouldn’t it be legal and why wouldn’t it be legal everywhere,’ said Brooke Adams, the President of the Charlotte coalition.

She says the main reason for the billboard is to inform people that abortion is healthcare and is legal and accessible in N.C. until after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

However, not everyone was eager to spread the billboard’s message.

“The first billboard company that we approached initially said yes, that they would be happy to do it and then ended up backing out at the last minute because they were concerned about controversy,” Adams said.

Right now, the heartbeat law already stops abortions at six weeks in South Carolina. But some in the legislature want even stronger restrictions that would exclude rape and incest.

“So we’ll send a favorable report to the senate on a 9-8 vote to the senate,” said the chairperson for the Senate Medical Affairs committee.

The wrangling is daily back and forth with lawmakers, with the latest taking out those exclusions.

“Just a matter of nature. All of us come into this world through pregnancy. Once the life has started and the baby is developing, it’s there. It’s an existential reality,” said Republican State Senator Richard Cash. “It’s not a potential human life. It’s a life with great potential.”