GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- The body of a Greenville man, Dorian Pinson, who had been missing since an accident in April, was recovered from Lake Lanier in Georgia according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Pinson was recovered by Bruce’s Legacy Search and Recover, a company out of Wisconsin which specializes in locating hard-to-find drowning victims.

DNR says it took a little over an hour to locate his body.

Pinson grew up in the Upstate. He was a star basketball player at Southside High School who eventually went on to play college basketball at Lincoln Memorial University and then professionally overseas.

His family and friends say they miss him every day and they’re thankful to finally have closure.

April 18th was the day he went missing.

A day that holds a lot of weight for people who know Pinson.

A search for his body lasted five days on Lake Lanier after he went missing.

For his mother, Alicia Pinson, she says it still haunts her.

“Devastating, devastating. But a lot of prayer, a lot of praying, I began to do a lot of praying,” Pinson said.

For his long time girlfriend Bree Johnson, “I literally just fell to the ground. I couldn’t do nothing else. I just fell to the ground, started screaming and saying ‘no’ because I had just talked to him.”

Johnson said, “Just for him to be taken from my life on an accident or however it happened. It’s just not fair.”

For Pinson to be recovered on Wednesday, his loved ones say is a relief.

Johnson said, “I am so happy that they found him because now he can actually be celebrated properly. Everyone can come together and celebrate dorian adonus pinson because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, just celebrating him.”

His mother saying she’s confident he’ll be remebered forever.

“Now it’s time to move to the next part of getting his body back home, find a resting place for him and to continue to live out his dream and his legacy,” Pinson said.

DNR says his body was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab.

The incident is still under investigation.