(WSPA) – According to the National Road Safety Foundation, October 15 through 21 is observed to be National Teen Driving Safety Week, which emphasizes how parents have influence in teaching their teenagers to be safe drivers. 

According to the National Road Safety Foundation, just in the first half of the year alone, 1,100 teens nationwide lost their lives to motor vehicle crashes. It has been recorded that 26 of those lives were of teenagers who lived in South Carolina. 

David Reich, with The National Road Safety Foundation, said the key topics for parents to discuss with their child are about impaired driving, the importance of wearing seatbelts, distracted driving and speeding. 

“Parents need to explain to their young people you’ve got to make the right decisions because the consequence could be not losing the keys to the car, the consequences could be your life or killing a friend or killing a total stranger on the road,” said Reich. 

According to the National Road Safety Foundation, new teen drivers are still gaining experience behind the wheel, which increases the chance of dangerous situations for the teen and other drivers on the roadway around them. 

“Parents are the key to their teens’ safe driving habits,” said Reich. “They watch how their parents drive and adapt to whatever they see their parents doing.”

The National Road Safety Foundation has free resources for parents to use that will help them discuss with their teenager about safety driving habits. Click here to view.