ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA)–‘Buc-ees’ is known to have the world’s largest convenience store, and it’s coming to the Upstate.

According to Anderson County Council, Buc-ee’s has purchased 33 acres of land off of I-85 and along 178. If you’re driving on I-85 southbound, it will be off exit 21.

County officials said it’s a super sized convenience store, that’s very well-known. According to the company’s website, the chain started in 1982 in Texas.
“They are more like a travel destination. They’re like a super sized convenience store,” said Brett Sanders, Vice-Chairman of Anderson County Council.

Sanders said Buc-ee’s facilities average about 40,000 sq. ft. and have between 80 to 120 gas pumps.

“They average between 80 and 120 pumps. The facilities average about 40,000 square feet. They do not allow tractor trailers. So no big trucks allowed. And they’re known to have the cleanest bathroom in the nation,” Sanders said.

Some frequent travelers are a little concerned.

“I know this area is already pretty congested coming about five o’clock getting off the interstate. It’s usually backed up out onto the highway, so I think that’s what a lot of people’s concerns are,” resident Ellis Gunter said.

Sanders said the bridge and off-ramp near the property have been problems in the past, and improvements will have to be made first.

“We’ve had problems in that area with the off-ramp, the bridge; so basically they’ll come in and we’ll have a lot of infrastructure improvements up there to relieve some traffic issues or concerns that the people will have or having,” Sanders said.

According to Sanders, Buc-cee’s has had conversations with the County and SCDOT about the issue.

“Their company plans to spend $20 million on infrastructure improvements for the off ramp, widening the bridge,” Sanders said.

Sanders said he doesn’t believe the company will use the entire lot for the convenience store.

“I haven’t seen their full plans on development. I doubt they will utilize the whole 33 acres. I mean there will be some green space and some other things I’m sure,” Sanders said.

One resident wishes something else would take the empty space instead.

“I think that our communities need more than just gas stations I would say,” said Jesse Limon, a resident.

The County said the chain, that’s said to be “a gas station on steroids” could do more than improve infrastructure, it could help boost the economy too.

“Well economically if you look at it, it’s going to create a large number of well paying jobs with benefits,” Sanders said.  “The guy said from Buc-ee’s, people plan their vacations and travel around the locations of their stores,” Sanders said.

While the County doesn’t have the specs on the project yet, some hope it’s a positive for the community.

“I’m hoping for the best definitely,” Limon added.

Sanders tells 7 News the property does not belong to the County, and he’s not sure of the purchase price at this time. He also said they do not have a timeline on construction.

We checked the Anderson County tax assessor’s website to see the purchase price of the property. However, the County’s website is temporarily down. We also reached out to Buc-ee’s for comment, and we’re still waiting to hear back.