SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spring is here, and we aren’t the only ones coming out to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps. The change in weather also brings those pesky bugs.

We met with Joe Parfitt, of J&N Pest Control and Wildlife LLC in Spartanburg, to get the skinny on what pests Spring brings.

“You’re gonna start to see your flying insects, your ants, some of your crawling insects. Those sort of things. Roaches, termites and ants as well,” Parfitt said.

Why do bugs come out in the Spring? Parfitt said the warmer temperatures are to blame.

“We had the dampness in the wintertime. It helps create good populations of bugs and insects,” he explained.

Parfitt said both dry and damp weather can push the bugs inside the home.

One noticeable — and extremely unpopular — bug homeowners see is the infamous palmetto bug.

“They’re a cockroach species, and they start coming out this time of year, and their population build up by the end of the year. Usually humidity helps their population grow, and by the end of the summer their populations are at their peak,” he said.

The key to preventing these bothersome bugs is lowering the humidity in and around the house.

“A lot of times you can get a dehumidifier and just make sure you’re not real wet under your home,” Parfitt explained. “Sealing windows and doors, and making sure they properly close. Making sure your gutters aren’t full of debris, and any excess standing water around the home.”

We also asked Parfitt how to keep spiders away from your home.

“Their population grows at the end of the season,” he explained. “Keeping their webs knocked down and keeping any debris free from around the home and [getting rid of] any hiding places for them.”

If you have a pest problem, there are certain steps that the professionals can do to help.

“We look under your home for any kind of moisture that may be present or any kind of wood destroying insects. We do a full perimeter inspection. We make sure there’s no gaps or openings for insects or rodents to get into. Then we also point out debris in gutters and extra moisture that shouldn’t be there.”