SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — As Memorial Day approaches, anglers and first time fishers alike will hit the water to snag that trophy fish. While many will catch and release, some will be fishing for dinner! So, just how clean is our river and lake water?

William Wood is a biologist with SCDNR and he said while there are a lot of different fish catch at Lake Hartwell, don’t fire up the grill just yet.

“There is an advisory out on Lake Hartwell to not eat the fish you catch here due to PCB contamination, so it’s great to catch the fish here just not so great to eat them,” Wood said.

PCB is Polychlorinated Bifenyl, a man made cancer promoting pollutant that got into lakes like Hartwell years ago. It’s a long lasting chemical that continues to prompt advisories for fisherman.

For just a fun day on the lake, Hartwell has lots of big fish to catch your next tall tale!

“In Lake Hartwell we have a great abundance of different species. We have both large mouth and spotted bass. We have striped bass and we have all kinds of catfish they can fish for,” Wood added.

Lake Jocassee, however, is one of the cleanest lakes to fish in. There are very few fishing advisories out for consumption, so you can eat as much brown, rainbow trout as you want. The same goes for small mouth bass, but you’d want to limit large mouth bass if you catch one to one meal per week.

You’ll want to check out the PCB and mercury advisories before you head out to catch dinner, but lakes all around Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson offer a great opportunity to cast your line.

Before you head out to tackle a fishing adventure, be sure to get your fishing license from the SCDNR, which is available at the area DNR offices, some fishing store and online.