SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Severe thunderstorms can bring damaging winds, hail and flash flooding. After a storm passes, uprooted trees and broken branches can fall onto roads, cars and even your home.

But what do you need to do if your home is damaged in a storm? Jackie Brown spook with Dallas Gunn, operations manager of Servpro, to find out.

If your home gets hit by a tree, what are the proper steps to get out of the house safely?

“I mean, you need to make sure you don’t walk under saggy ceilings if the tree is blocking exits. Use a window, don’t touch anything electric, grab personal paperwork such as the title and deeds and anything else personal,” Gunn said.

Once out of the house, if you smell gas and can’t get to the shut off call 911 and, if you’re safe, take pictures.

“Especially since a lot of those are timelapse, that’s really good with the cell phone. We can get a lapse time, as soon as the damage happened what it looked like today and so forth,” Gunn said.

You as the homeowner should call your insurance and although most homes are covered, it can be tricky if it’s on your neighbor’s property.

“A lot of people say if your neighbor’s trees fall on your house they will pay for it, that’s not always the case though. You need to call your insurance and let them handle it. Do not rely on your neighbor’s insurance to cover everything,” said Gunn.

Watch Jackie Brown’s full story above for more advice on what to do if you’re home is damaged in a storm.