HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) – From snow tubing to making snow and so much more, here’s a behind the scenes look at Moonshine Mountain in Hendersonville.

With 20 years in operation, the first thing you will notice when you enter the park is the unique decorations.

“The average person, I’m guessing, takes 50 pictures in the park with all the different animals, dinosaurs, bigfoot, sharks. You name it. We got it,” Robert Plimpton said. “I always wanted to have an airplane in the park. I’m not sure why, but a friend of mine had one. He was getting ready to junk it. I said I want it. So we’ve got a twin engine beach in the park.”

Before the park opens, the mountain is prepped by plowing the snow tubing lanes.

“Without the snow cut cutting the lanes, you’d be all over the mountains and end up in the equipment or in the trees,” Plimpton said.

They typically make their own snow if the weather isn’t cooperating.

“We need at least 28 degrees at night because all we do is blow water into the air with some compressed air going along with it and it comes back down as snow,” Plimpton said.

Plimpton said if the humidity is too high, the temperature becomes around 26 degrees to blow snow. Another important key is the water.

“The other factor in making snow is the temperature of the water. That played a factor in December. The weather was so warm… We get our water out of a lake, so the lake had to cool down. So in other words, if you start with warm water it takes a lot more to turn it into ice,” Plimpton said.

Rain doesn’t impact the park that much in winter months, but Plimpton said too much snow can impact the parking lot and roads to get to the park.

“Natural snow is not our friend,” Plimpton said. “We’d rather have the cold weather, and we’ll make the snow.”

At the Moonshine Mountain, you can enjoy the lodge, food truck, merry-go-round, arcade games and of course snow tubing. And you can even tube in groups.

“That’s another thing that we are pretty unique with here. We offer trains, which means you could ride with three or four of your friends depending on the temperature. You all hook together and go flying down the hill. It’s a lot of fun,” Plimpton explained.

Make sure to dress warm, grab your friends and family and enjoy a day in Hendersonville at Moonshine Mountain.

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